Malampa Provincial Government Council, Lakatoro, Malekula
Mon - Fri 8:00 - 17:00
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Malampa Provincial Government Council
Empowering the Provincial Government with infinite access to service delivery to be a socio - economically self-reliant Province.

About Malampa Province


Malampa Province is situated, in the most central part of Vanuatu with a land area of 2,779km². Its capital is Lakatoro on the island of Malekula. There are three islands in Malampa Province, Malekula, Ambrym and Paama islands.


The province has a population of 41,506 people as per the mini-census of 2020 with 31,741 people on Malekula, 8,242 on Ambrym and 1,522 people on Paama Island.


About 80% of the population of Malampa is employed in the subsistence and semi-subsistence agricultural sector. The major commercial crop and livestock activities are centred on copra and beef which together make up 42% of the provincial economy.

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