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West Ambrym Area Council


West Ambrym area council was set up in the year 2000. 

West Ambrym Area council building was constructed in year 2000 and was officially opened during that year.

The building was in letter T shape and consists of 6 rooms, 1 room was occupied by livestock officer, another one was occupied by agriculture officer, followed by ambrym island court clerk and another one by Area Administrator, second last room was a chamber room and the last one was vacant.

The Area Council Head Office was located in Graig cove on the far end of west Ambrym and was occupied 2 hectares of land.

Area council has an active members, youth rep, women rep, chief rep, business rep and church rep.

Now we are working on new site, it’s a sub head quarter of an Area Council located at Baiap the work has already commenced.