Malampa Provincial Government Council, Lakatoro, Malekula
Mon - Fri 8:00 - 17:00

South Malekula Area Council

South Malekula Area Council is one of the 10 Area Councils in Malampa Province. It was located in the Southern part of the island of Malekula and is consists of 10 main communities which also includes 11 offshore islands. People live on 5 of the islands which is Maskelyne, Avock, Awei, Akhamb and Haum.
The total population of the South Area Council is over 5000. The headquater is situated on Lamap. The south Area Council is located in front of the three volcanoes which is Marum and Benbow in Ambym and Lopevi and is facing some of the consequences such as the ash fall.

The Road condition is very poor in the southern part of the island. The road that leads from North to the Southern part of the island stops at the eastern coast of Lamap and southern coast of Okai. The road does not reach most of the villages in the south and people use boat as their main source to travel between the offshore islands and also the villages. 

Lamap has 1 Airport that is used by Air Vanuatu and the plane travels two times during the week. It has over 6 Anchorage sites and Port Sandwich in Lamap is one of the best Harbour in Vanuatu. Cargo ships do regular services in the South Area as well as the passenger boats for instance MV Big Sista, MV Young Blood, MV Vatmari and MV Ocean which facilitate the movement of the people and export of Copra, kava, timber and etc.

The main source of income is copra, kava, fish, Tourism, crops, mats and Livestock. The community is still planning and focusing on Timber, sales of sandalwood and more nuts for their future incomes.


South Area Council has a good potential site for tourism development in the future in terms of their small offshore islands, the traditions, waterfall and nesting site for dugong and its annual event activity which is canoe racing that happen every year on the month of July. The Council has its own Bungalows and Guest Houses.

Area Council Members

On November 1st 2021, the South Malekula Area Council form its own area council which includes the following members.
Chairman: Chief Rep Mr. Arold Sam
Vice Chairlady: Women Rep Mrs. Agnece Bareus
Youth Rep: Ms. Sakline Ismael
Church Rep: Elder Makina Fred
Business Rep: Mr. John Donald Yavath
Disability Rep: Mr. Kalmet Dick

Infrastructure & Services

The South Area Council office was located in one of the old French Condominium building which remains in a moderate condition. The Office is clean, tidy and small repair that was done by the Area Administrator.

Health Facilities

Lamap health centre has a doctor, 1 RN, 1 Midwife, 1 Lab-officer, 1 aid nurse and 1 driver/Handyman. The health centre has a boat, ambulance and a ice box that contains medicine. The building is in good condition.

There are two dispensaries which is Vanmaur Dispensary in Maskelyne Island and Ahkamb Dispensary. They have 1 RN, aid nurse, boat and diver and a ice box that uses to store their medicines.

They are few Aid Posts in Okai Village, Avock Island and Farun Village. It is service by volunteers in semi permanent building.

Education Facilities

The South Malekula Area Council has pre-schools in each of the communities. There are 6 primary School and 3 Secondary schools.

Other Facilities

The Area Council have other facilities such as the police station, weather station (meteo), Vanuatu National Bank, Western Union and Post Office that was located at Lamap and a Agriculture Field Assistant that was based in Okai.