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Brenwei Hydro Project

The Brenwe Hydro Project will include a run of river hydropower station, with a generation capacity of a 422kW, from twin impulse turbines. The main elements of the scheme are the intake weir, three phase transmission cable (to public road) and access roads to the intake, forebay and powerhouse.

The hydropower station will be located on the Brenwei River, approximately 4.5km north of Brenwe village in Northwest Malekula.

The value of the contract is US$5.84 million (approximately Vt700 million), funded jointly by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Strategic Climate Fund and the Vanuatu Government.

The first part of the project will see construction of a hydro-power plant at a 30-hectare property acquired by the Government within Brenwe. 

The second phase of the project – which will be procured through a separate tendering process, will see distribution of grid extensions on Malekula to villages in and around Brenwe, Unmet, Leviamp, Lambumbu and Laravet.

The project is scheduled to be completed by early 2022 and, will have the following outputs:
(i) distribution grid extension in Malekula island
(ii) Brenwe Hydropower Project (BHPP) in Malekula
(iii) capacity building
(iv) efficient project management services.

Vanuatu Project Management Unit are providing management oversight of the project, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Climate Change and the Department of Energy.

DOE Project Profile