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North West Malekula Area Council

North West Malekula Area Council is one of the ten Area Councils in Malampa Province. The first foundation stone was laid on the 13th of May 2003 by the former Honorable president of Malampa Provincial Government Council Mr. Jean Claude Tabi, Vice president Mr. Emory, Secretary General Mr. Lambert Maltok, Chairman of North West Malekula Area Council Chief Benbie Mokoror, witnessed by all honorable counselors, chiefs and people of North West Malekula under the governance of Area Council Secretary Mr. Wesley Lamby [ Smol govman].  

After that the first local thatch house was built as Area council office supported by Malampa Provincial Government. After 16 long years, Government introduce Decentralization policy under 2030 NSDP and August 19th 2019 second roll out of Area Administrator North West Malekula is fortunate to have one. The First Task of the Area Administrator is to build a permanent building for the Area Council Headquarter. Within three month, he completes the build and the official opening was on the 14th of September 2019. The head quarter is called Alnisi and is situated at Lehan community and has the area of 4 hectors and is subject to extension in the near future.

It is one of the retreats where Rivers sets the bounties and is divided into two major areas recently called North West A and North West B. North West A starts from Leuru River to Wilak and up inland areas to Pekeyer and North West B Starts from Wiaru to Lasinwei river across to wiawi. [See the map provided] North West Malekula Area Council also consists of two cultural identities that are called small Nambas and Big Nambas. Small Nambas starts from Leuru River to Maluabay River and Big Nambas starts from Maluabay River to Brenwei River and extend to Lassinwei River.

North West Malekula Area Council has a massive land area that consists of hills and deep valley with beautiful natural vegetation. It is fond of rivers and streams that set custom land boundaries and also as one of the major strengths of this area council where Brenwei hydro project is constructed to supply electricity to the people of North West and Malekula as a whole.

Total population of North West Malekula stands at 6,701 and 1480 households and 68 communities. This area council is Unique in terms of Location, Natural vegetation and resources like land mass, hills, rivers and streams, flat plains, stones, gravels, corals, long white and black beaches, school, health centers, telecommunication, shipping, massive ocean for fishing, public transports, strong custom practices, copra, cocoa, kava, cattle projects, small business, Anchorages, Religious groups, vernacular and others.

The vision of this Area Council is “We are Unique, we are Dynamic and vibrant Resilient together we develop”.  Our aim is to build strong relationships and partnership for future development.