Malampa Provincial Government Council, Lakatoro, Malekula
Mon - Fri 8:00 - 17:00

Paama Area Council

Paama area Council is one of the 10 Area Councils in Malampa Province. 

The Area Council Headquarter is located in Liro Paama and has a Sub Centre which was located in the Village of Vauleli in South Paama. 

The Total population is 1567, total households 408 and 22 communities altogether. 

The Area Council has divided its communities and villages into the 5 area council that has been setup. 

One Area Council was setup on the East of Paama which is the Luvil Area Council, two in South Paama Vauleli and Vutekai Area Council and two in North Paama Tahi and Liro Area Council. 

Paama Area Council is one of the smallest area council in Vanuatu with less population.

The Road condition has beginning better and better in the island of Paama. 

There are few access to the government services for instance, Education office, Health Facilities, Agriculture and Cooperative and other private services such as the Vanuatu National Bank, Western Union, Fish market, Police Station, Guest House and R/ Stores. 

Most of the Businesses and government services are located at Liro. 

The Council has its own vehicle and a solar power supply that provide electricity 24 hours and during the working days in the council buildings. Most of the sport activities happen every week on Friday at Liro. 

The Council has created its own generating incomes revenue since 2015 in  terms of the Vaum Guest House, Vaum Market House, Vaum Truck that provide services to the people, the Vaum Fish Market that sell fish to the people, Food Stall and also the money that it received from the Vanuatu National Bank building. 

The future project income plan that the council will carry out in 2022 is to setup a Council Stationary shop for copy & Printing, Laminate, scanned and build two rooms to accommodate the Education Office, Handicraft centre and Youth Centre.