Malampa Provincial Government Council, Lakatoro, Malekula
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Norsup Airport Upgrade

The Community of Tautu village on Central Malekula had been part of the first consultation concerning the Norsup Airport upgrade, which took place yesterday.

The consultation was purposely to inform the custom land owners and people of Tautu about the government’s plans for the upgrade and it was also an opportunity for community to express their concerns regarding this project.
The first consultation came about following the government’s announcement to commit Vt500, 000 million towards this airport upgrade project.

The upgrade will include a new terminal, erection of fencing around the compound of the airport. There are possibilities that the government will acquire more land to allow for extension of the existing runway, to be able to accommodate the ATR 72 aircraft.

Communications Officer to Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (MIPU), Antoine Malsungai confirmed the outcome of the first consultation was good. The people and custom land owners who were present were happy with what was discussed.

Discussions also touched on compensation for the land.

The consultation team comprised of the Civil Aviation Authority representative, Assistant Director, Mrs. Naiany Karu, Principal Architect for PWD, Judicael Mulonturala and Principal Compliance Officer for MIPU, Jonah Mesau.
A report from the discussions would be submitted to the National Project Coordinating Committee for further deliberations.