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North Ambrym Area Council

North Ambrym area council has been given custom name since the establishment of area council in 1986.The custom name is LIBINVERE AREA COUNCIL which means that Roots of the communities.

The area council administrates a total population of three thousand seven hundred ninety two people. This date was collected in 2018 through community profile but the update population may be is increase after the National Census. The total house hall of north ambrym is eight hundred and ninety six.

North Ambrym area council has thirty four village council start form the North West to the north east area.

The area council itself has its own revenue projects as, NBV rent, Quest house, Market and building rent for store and sea transport.

The area council has also chiefs nakamal that can takes more than 6o participants. At the area council you can have access with internet 24 /7 days a week.

In north Ambrym area council we have one health center, one dispensary and one aid post.

There are eight primary schools and two secondary schools within the area council area. The primary consists of three francophone and five Anglophone and the secondary schools include one Francophone and one Anglophone.

North Ambrym area council has also four main anchorages.

It is also very rich in its cultural activities.