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Central Malekula Area Council

The first formation of setting up of Central council was established  way back in early 1960 – 1970 during colonial rule that was British and French. During the earliest it was call North Malekula local Government Council and the other is call South  Malekula Local Government Council.  At the time the government had build Central area council office locate at Tautu village.

During our struggle for freedom and to achieve our political Independence day on 30thJuly 1980, the office was still at Tautu village. The Legislature Of 1980 Had Pass Law Of The Decentralization Act: And A New Election Of Malekula Local Government Council Was Form In early July 1981, And this was when the First Minister Of Home Affairs Late Pastor Fred Timakata Had Come To Officially Opened The First Malekula Local Government Council In August 1981 .This  is When  The Office Of Area Council Had To Move  From Tautu To Lakatoro In The Same Year And Was Station  Within  The Provincial Administration  Office.

The First Setting up within the Local Government Council at the Time and This Was the First Local Government Council Administrations Executive:

  • President Is- Late Mr. John Peter Arnabath
  • Secretary General Mr. Lambert Maltock
  • Vice SG  Late Mr. Jack Abel
  • Area Council Office Mr. Kenox Fatal

During, The 1990s, with Maxime Carlot Korman leading the Government, The Introducing Of Decentralization  Policy was implemented ,And is when the introducing of the Provincial Government was setup In 1996 . On 1st June 2020, this when the  setting up of the 10 area council  of Malampa Province  was introducing in Provincial Government Structure and Mr. Kenox Fatal was appointed as the first area council secretary ,till his retirement  on march 2014 and  Mr. Laurence B.Malres was appointed to his position in 2015.

Central Area Council Head Office Is Located Inside The Wilkins Stadium Behind Nimbaur And Opposition Lakatoro Consumer With New Office Which Was Fully Funded By Malampa Provincial Government, During The Former President Norbert Napna In 2020 .The Office Was Official Open By The Last Council Of 2020 And Witness By The Former Honorable Councilors And Chairman Of Malmetenvanu (Chief Owen Rion) And Chiefs From Paama, Ambrym And Central Area Council Of Chiefs (Malturnevat).  
Central Area Is One Of The Most Fortunate Of The Ten (10) Area Council That Had Accessibility Through Most Of Government Services And Private Companies That Locate Within. Also With Most Business Centers ,Hospital ,Air Port, Secondary Schools And College, USP Sup Centre ,Anchorages And Wharfs , Coconut And Cocoa  Plantations Which Attract Many Employments ,Bungalows, Telecommunication ,Shipping ,Massive Ocean For Fishing, Cattle Projects, Public Transports,And Small Business Owners 

Latest Update (National Statistics Censes 2020)Of Total Population Of Central Area Is 6,811 And With Total Of Households Is 1,553, With 63 Communities And 8 Different Custom Boundaries Languages .This Area Council Is Uniquely Geography In Terms Of Land Mass With Biggest Cocoa And Coconut Plantation In Vanuatu ,Long White Sandy And Black Beaches, 4 Small Islands And More That 10 Atoll Islands With Biggest Mangrove Sites Located. Land Boundaries Is Divided In 2 Different Areas Which Are Recently Called Central East And Central West, With Land Area Consists Streams Up The Hills, Rivers And Deep Valley And Beautiful Natural Vegetation.

Our Aim Is To Build A Strong Relationship Within Our Partnership And Private Sectors To Provide Effective And Efficient Services Delivery To Our Rural Communities.