Malampa Provincial Government Council, Lakatoro, Malekula
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Malampa Province

Malampa Province is situated, in the most central part of Vanuatu. The province has an estimated population of 41,506 people and a land-area of 2,779km². Its capital is Lakatoro on the island of Malekula. There are three islands in Malampa Province, Malekula, Ambrym and Paama islands. Malampa is perhaps one of the least developed provinces in Vanuatu.

Transport is regular but still difficult at times especially during rainy seasons. Communication is challenging. Infrastructure is limited on these three islands with a few roads and vehicles present on Malekula, Ambrym & Paama. Air Vanuatu provides regular service to these islands. Small “banana boats” are relied upon heavily at some point of landing access, despite frequent rough seas, to access remaining communities.

The difficulty and infrequent level of transport in Malampa Province has resulted in a much higher pricing for locals when they purchase commonly used goods and supplies such as fuel and tinned foods.

Social, Cultural and Economic Potential

Malampa Province has significant social, cultural and economic potential. Relative to other provinces, it has abundant natural resources, some supporting infrastructure and a growing population. The foliage and vegetation is lush and green. The land is immensely fertile and anything grown will take root without any need for fertiliser. People are well-fed and healthy. Incidences of hypertension and diabetes are rare. Each of our islands within has their own unique natural charms and attractions that could be used to bring tourism money to the province.

Productive Sectors

About 80% of the population of Malampa is employed in the subsistence and semi-subsistence agricultural sector. The major commercial crop and livestock activities are centred on copra and beef which together make up 42% of the provincial economy. This sector is by far the largest economic sector of Malampa Province. The retail sector accounts for about 2 % and so is Tourism.

The main cash crops for farmers in Malampa Province include copra, cocoa, kava, livestock, & fish. Presently, kava is a popular agricultural product, especially in Malekula than other two islands – Ambrym and Paama. The island of Ambrym is well known for supplying copra and carvings but will likely to extend to Port Vila and Luganville for possible market access. Nonetheless, the accrued benefits to both farmers and the Council are minimal. It is to that end that the Council has in place plans to regulate in future the industry so that farmers’ concerns are addressed amicably.

Livestock such as cattle, pigs, goats and poultry are restricted by small-scale production. There is potential to develop and improve production in this sector.

Commercial fishing is also under-developed, due mainly to infrastructural constraints and in particular, to lack of easy access to fishing gear and boats, lack of storage and marketing facilities, and the lack of commercial fishing Entrepreneurial Skills. The establishment of fisherman association in different areas will determine the industry in the next three years. There is little commercial forest exploitation and local supply plantations (LSPs) have been established at several sites but timber cannot be marketed. There is potential to operate small mobile mills on the three islands but the issues and challenges relating to marketing need to be assessed and addressed in greater detail.