Malampa Provincial Government Council, Lakatoro, Malekula
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Birth of MALAMPA Netball Association

The newly formed Committee of MALAMPA  Netball Association. Photo: Kathie Simon (January 15, 2022)

The Malampa Netball Association was officially established in Lakatoro this week.
Visiting the island from Vila to assist with the formation of the new Association were the VNA President Kathie Simon, and VNA NetGo Program Coordinator Virginia Taravaki.

"The Board of VNA in Vila was proud and welcomed MALAMPA Member Association (MA) on board joining other existing Netball Associations under the governing body of VNA. 
"Tuesday 11th January marked an important date in the history of VNA books, under the current Board's leadership", VNA President Kathie Simon said.
Successful candidates voted in to become members of the Committee the Malampa Netball Association 2022 were:
President: Rekana Malsev       
Vice President: Ketty Nato
Secretary: Selian Willie
Treasurer: Minnie Maho
3 Members: 
Belinda Veremaito-   Member for Game Development
Mary Ulas- Member for Community Development,
Winnie Setak- Member for Business Development
"First of all the MALAMPA NA wish to greatly thank Vanuatu Netball Board for traveling to Malekula to assist the Province set up our Netball Association.
"As President of MALAMPA Netball, I have great trust in my committee, and look forward to working with them to develop Netball here in Malekula", President Rakena Malsev.
The newly formed Committee convened their first meeting the same day Tuesday 11th January, to discuss on urgent priorities. These being: 1) payment of 2022 Affiliation fees to become a full registered member of VNA, 2) to concentrate on its squad training before the National Games 2022, and 3) to agree to open a new bank account.
Women attending the meeting that day represented Norsup, Lakatoro, Uripiv, Tautu, Norsup and Lakatoro schools.
Vanuatu Netball thank Malampa Province's Sports Officer Ivan Cyrus for the assistance.
Meanwhile VNA through its NetGo Program is soon to announce the best candidate this week to fill the position of Development Officer to assist in the NetGo Program Outreach in Malekula.
Vanuatu Netball sincerely convey much gratitude to New Zealand Government Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs' PSP, together with Netball New Zealand for their support in the development of Netball in Vanuatu.