Malampa Provincial Government Council, Lakatoro, Malekula
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MALAMPA Petitions Government

The President of MALAMPA Provincial Government Council (MPGC), Isaac Sam Abel, has requested for the Central Government to assist in a list of proposed economic development projects especially in Malekula with its large landmass, as well as road projects on Ambrym and Paama Islands.

While welcoming the recent Government delegation to MALAMPA Province led by Acting Deputy Prime Minister, Willie Daniel Kalo, the President listed at least eight priorities for government assistance.

The top priority is to speed up acquisition of State Land at Lakatoro.

The second is the urgent need to speed up its processes to finalise Sub Division of Land at Lakatoro as MALAMPA accepted the ‘stik faea’ last year to host the next Agriculture Week in 2023.

“We need the clearing up of the Sub Division on which to host our Agriculture Week,” he said. “We also need water and roads to access the site.

“We need a Fisheries Centre at the Government Wharf, formerly Wilkin’s Wharf.

This is where the Project is going to be located to cater for our fishermen.

“I believe our custom landowners are aware of it and have taken relevant steps towards accommodating the Project. The forthcoming new Ministry of Fisheries would also be responsible for the Project.”

The President then drew attention to the fact that Metenesel land is more than 3,000 hectares.

“MALAMPA Province urges the Government Ministry and Department of Agriculture to develop at least 100 hectares, to engage ten Area Councils of the Province to use it for their development projects in the Productive Sector,” he said.
“We are also planning an investment to be located at Unua and we are confident your Ministry along with our Officers on the ground, would facilitate the arrival of an investor to proceed with his or her investment project on the said land.

“We have already connected with the investor who is ready to start in February/March this year. We look forward to seeing the project fulfilled as we are already working with custom landowners to prepare for the new dawn.

“We also have a 2,000-hectare plot of land at Lamap which is already declared an International Port of Entry. Three custom landowners at Lamap have already acquired their Green Certificate to go into business.

“We understand the necessary paper work is being worked on and we would like to see the paper passed by Parliament in order for us to have access to the said 2,000 hectares of land.

We therefore hope the Minister would assist to ensure the passing of the legislation for us to proceed to the next stage whereby more investors could come to invest at Lamap.”

Abel added that following the Agricultural Week on Tanna, MALAMPA lost a member of its valued staff in Agriculture.
“As he was a main officer involved in Agriculture Week, we ask the Government to appoint his successor in preparation of our main Agriculture Week next year,” he said.

“Another is MALAMPA’s ‘Food Basket’ to reflect Malekula’s large landmass.

However, the Government’s machinery currently on the ground is still not sufficient.

We leave this in your most capable hands to see how you could assist us in our challenge.”

In response, Minister Kalo once again appealed to all custom landowners to work with the government to develop each Province.

While receiving a symbolic gift of basket from the President, Kalo assured him that he travelled to Lakatoro with his technicians from all relevant Departments responsible for the requests he listed.

He confirmed that the different projects were noted and would be discussed for action in Port Vila.

Source: Daily Post